Saturday, January 3, 2009

Preparing for the Bounty!

Hi Friends,
I hope all of you have enjoyed the beginning of 2009 thus far and please know we wish you all the best throughout the course of this year. Keith and I have had our noses in countless seed catalogs diligently searching for the very best in heirloom vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers.

You'll be excited to know Keith will be growing close to 50 different varieties of tomatoes this year, I can hardly wait. His dream of becoming the Tomato King is slowly becoming a reality, in our minds anyway.

Speaking of tomatoes, if you're like us it's almost as though we're on a tomato strike right now. The "maters" (as Keith likes to call them) can't compare to a summer harvest, so we will wait patiently until the end of May or early June to quench our appetite for the multi-dimensionally -delicious fruit!

Oh, about our blog, we will be discussing a variety of topics including: gardening basics, why buy local, supporting farmers markets, recipes, good books, food politics, fun on the farm, local restaurants who buy local, composting, and green living. Feel free to ask questions or make savvy suggestions. Our eyes, ears, and minds are open and we are ready to hear from you.

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