Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi Ya'll! This is Irene the bus. She's been with Keith and myself for over the past 9 years or so. When Keith and I were about to start dating... ( we were best friends before we ever got together) we thought it would be fun to purchase a school bus and take it on trips. That was back when gas was a bit cheaper. We purchased Irene from a local school district that was taking sealed bids on school buses they were wanting to replace. $500.00 later we were the proud owners of Irene, she took Keith's grandma's middle name. We began cleaning Irene out. We removed all of the seats, sold them, painted the walls and floor, made curtains, and got her serviced. Before too long we had a pretty nice vehicle to take camping. We had Irene for just under a year before we took her on her first trip to Old Davidsonville State Park in Pochahontos, Arkansas. Talk about easy riding. By this time we had a couch, bed, coffee table, coolers for food and drinks, books, and our bikes on the bus. Keith already had his CDL so we could go just about anywhere like that and really enjoy the entire trip. We took a few more camping trips before we decided that when summer hit we would explore 14 states out west, but we needed to do that in the car. So instead of leasing out another house before our big adventure, Irene became our home for a couple of months. That was definitely another unforgettable experience. We moved just about all of our belongings at the time into that bus, including all of our plants! We had a fig tree growing inside the bus! It was a bit cramped, but I wouldn't ever change one thing about that experience. By the time our big adventure trip rolled around we were somewhat glad to give Irene a rest from us and head out on the open road, we did however call home to make sure she was doing okay. After Keith and I returned from California (our last big stop) we knew we wanted to get married. That October we were hitched and moved Irene out to the farm were she has been resting ever since. Occasionally Irene will take a trip around the block, or to Blues Fest in Helena, but she prefers to sit under the giant red oak tree we have her parked under. Over the past few months Keith and I have been thinking about how we could use Irene once and breathe some new life back into her. We decided she would become our new and improved farm stand! So now we are in the process of getting her ready for pea and tomato season. When we get her "fixed up" I'll post some more pics, but in the meantime ya'll wish Irene well. She's a fantastic rig filled with a lot of good memories for Keith and me! Just wanted to share a little today.

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  1. That may be the most adorable thing I've ever read.

    Good luck to Irene!