Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring is here and I love it!!!

Hi All!

It's been a wild ride these past few weeks preparing the soil and the Trolley Stop Market! The farm is rocking and rolling for sure. Keith has already planted more in these past 3 weeks than we did all of last year! Potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, swiss chard, lettuces, greens, turnips, radishes, mustards, sorrel, and much more!!! The greenhouses are over flowing with all kinds of heirloom veggie transplants, herbs, and cut flowers. Here's hoping that the weather cooperates for all us farmers in the MidSouth this year!

A few new projects on the farm are in the works. We have finally constructed our giant gourd trellis, and our old school bus Irene that we used to live in has been officially converted into our new farm stand! She's looking pretty hip these days! Our 3rd greenhouse has arrived and construction will start in just a few days once the ground firms up a bit. Keith and I feel really good about having the ability to start our own farmers market right on our grounds each Saturday during the summer growing season. We are in the process of drafting policy and forming a board of directors for our own little Whitton Farmers Market! We know a few beginnnig farmers in the Delta who aren't quite big enough just yet to make the trip to a Memphis or Jonesboro Farmers Market, so we are going to allow area gardeners and small time farmers to set up for free at Whitton Farms on Saturdays and sell their goods right along with ours. Wholesome, local, food sources are somewhat scarce in the Delta so we feel its time to spread the "foodie" love and make it affordable for area residents. Vouchers will be accepted and we are in the process of learning more about which EBT program we'd like to participate in.

Good food should be available for everyone y'all!

Some of you have been asking about the Trolley Stop Market! We are still working hard to meet our projected opening date of April 21!!! Our TSM Team have been painting, building, cleaning, researching etc... We all have completely renovated what used to be the Complex Nightclub. It's been a hell of a job so far, but we are over the hump so to speak. Right now we are in the process of hiring our staff so if you know of anyone who might enjoy working at the TSM send them our way! Interior construction is coming right along. and the exterior is in the works! This week the outside of the building will be painted, and our brand new awning will be hung! We can't wait!

Well gang, that about does it for now. Just wanted to give all of you an update! Gotta stay on schedule!

Til next time,



  1. Wow! Sounds exciting! Thank you for sharing, Jill! Very best of luck and here's hoping the weather cooperates. . .we'll look forward to eating all the cool stuff! Lisa :-)

  2. It all sounds positively brilliant. Can you please Send some of that sunshine over to Scotland, so that we can get planting - its been raining and even snowing recently.